Sometimes kids need a little help figuring out something to do. If we want to avoid the dreaded “I’m bored” declaration, we need a little help. Activity kits are the perfect solution.

Activity kits are a great way to help kids explore and find something to do, offering a little structure and a lot of fun. With these 12 kits, kids will get to play, learn and be creative with independence, offering fun for them. Plus, they all need minimal adult help, making it easy on parents!

  1. PlushCraft Puppy Pack: Kids create their own stuffed puppy friends with this no-sew kit. By following the visual instructions, kids push pieces of fabric into the model to create their fluffy puppy friends.

  2. KiwiCo Solar System Project: Paint, build and play while learning with this creative kit. Kids design a solar system, complete with a light-up sun and fun games, in this activity kit from KiwiCrate. Extras like a learning magazine, bonus game and free video are included for hours of learning fun.

  3. Make Your Own Soap: Create ten different soaps using the fun-shaped molds and extras like colors, scents and glitter. There is even packaging for kids to wrap their creations to give as special gifts. Minimal supervision is needed as kids melt the soap base in the microwave using step-by-step instructions.

  4. Airplane Design Studio Kit: Imagine building an airplane! Kids can design and build multiple airplanes with this kit, complete with balsa wood, propellers and all the pieces you need to take flight. Providing hours of building and flying fun, it’s time for liftoff!

  5. Paint by Sticker Books: These books take the mess out of paint by number by replacing the paint with stickers. Kids watch their images come to life as they find and place the stickers on the design. From zoo animals and holiday themes to outer space and under the sea, there’s a perfect book for every kid. Plus, these make great, worry-free travel activities.

  6. Lulu Jr. Illustory Book Making Kit and Lulu Jr. My Comic Book Making Kit: Get those ideas flowing as kids create their very own real book or comic book. The kit is complete with a book template and markers to use as it guides them through the process of writing and illustrating their very own book. When complete, you mail it back in the prepaid envelope and will receive a professionally printed version of their book in just a few weeks.

  7. KiwiCo Mini Cake Decorating Kit: Let your kids have the fun of cake decorating without the hassle of baking. This play cake comes with a special clay that feels just like real frosting. With a piping kit, decorations and more, kids love creating their unique masterpieces.

  8. Ivy Kids A Rainbow of My Own: Kids start with a great book to read and explore from there. With this story of a boy looking for a rainbow, kids can paint their own ceramic bank, complete science experiments with prisms and walking rainbows and even play games. Plus, Ivy Kids has more book-based kits that kids will love.

  9. Obuby Kids Fort Building Kit: Keep kids active even on rainy days with this fort building kit. Complete with different size rods and connecting balls, the fort possibilities for your young engineers are endless. Grab a sheet to put over their creation, giving them the perfect hideout.

  10. Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium Kit: Kids have everything they need to create a unique terrarium, complete with glow sand and glow-in-the-dark stickers. As they layer the different components, they will grow their own little plant habitat.

  11. DIY Kids Bird Feeders: Get creative and interact with wildlife by creating unique bird feeders. Complete with birdseed, molds, twine and easy-to-follow instructions, kids will create multiple feeders in different shapes.

  12. Craft + Boogie: This Busy Box gives kids the chance to imagine, create and play. With 18 mess-free crafts and activities, your child can discover creative new ways to keep busy and have fun. Plus, they offer theme kits to use on road trips, while you’re camping, at a wedding and more.