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Primrose Schools Summer Adventure Club

5–12 years old

Every day is a new adventure. At Primrose Schools Summer Adventure Club, there’s so much to explore, discover and learn. Each week, children try a variety of hands-on activities—like sports, robotics and arts—that help build skills around literacy, creative problem solving, STEM and more.

Active Minds
Each week, your child tries a variety of hands-on activities, like robotics, STEM challenges and more, that encourage their curiosity and help build skills around literacy, creative problem solving and more.

Healthy Bodies
From the moment they are born, babies listen, process and imitate speech sounds they hear. That’s why your child’s teachers interact with your baby in meaningful “serve and return” exchanges, like responding to babbles, gestures or cries with eye contact, encouragement and more.

Happy Hearts
We believe who children become is as important as what they know. That’s why Summer Adventure Club teachers help children learn skills like sharing and cooperation, which help them gain confidence, build meaningful relationships and form healthy habits.

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