When was the last time you thanked a teacher? So often, we go about life grateful for their hard work but never really stop to thank them for the difference they make in our lives. From teaching kids to read and navigate numbers to how to work in a group and practice good manners, teachers dedicate their lives to helping you raise your children.

Teachers educate, comfort, listen and even protect kids every day. While every day is a good opportunity to say thank you, Teacher Appreciation Week offers a focused time to shower teachers with gratitude.

If you work with other parents from the class or the school, you can do something really special. Here are some fun and meaningful ways to celebrate the teachers in your child’s life.

Lend a Hand

Teachers are masters of multitasking. With so much on their plate, you can show appreciation by lending a hand. Offer to do things like make copies or organize the classroom library. Come in one afternoon and redecorate their seasonal bulletin board or organize and refresh their supplies. Practical help goes a long way toward making a teacher feel appreciated.

Set Up a Snack Table

Break periods and lunchtime often get filled with meetings, helping students or other work. Teachers can easily have a nourishing and tasty snack by creating a grab-and-go snack table. Ask parents to donate packaged snacks and drinks that teachers can take on the run. Great ideas are Kind bars, fancy seltzers, candy and smoothies.

Get Gifts They Actually Want

Teachers don’t need more generic mugs. Instead, send out a survey asking each teacher about their favorite things. Great ideas include favorite candy, colors, restaurants, coffee orders and authors. Use this information to get teachers things you know they will love.

Make Them Summer Ready

Many teachers look forward to summer break as much as the kids do. Help them get summer ready with a few things to encourage relaxation and fun in the summer sun. A beach bag or tote with a towel, book or magazines, sunscreen and snacks will make pool ready.

Give Them Dinner to Go

Teachers spend all day caring for and teaching kids, and many of them are tired at the end of the day. Give them a break by making dinners they can take home when they leave. Parents and local restaurants can donate meals that teachers can grab at the end of the day. Great ideas include pasta and salad, soup and bread, meatballs and hard rolls, burritos and tortilla chips. And don’t forget dessert!

Create Daily Themes

To celebrate for the whole week, give each day a different theme with something fun for the teachers to do, receive or eat. Some creative and fun ideas are:

  • Popcorn Day: Set up a popcorn table in the teacher’s room so they can grab some popcorn and a soda for a fun snack.

  • Book/Magazine Day: Bring around a cart with books and magazines for each teacher to choose from. See if a local bookstore will donate books and magazines or ask families to donate.

  • Fancy Coffee Day: Perfect for morning or a midday pick-me-up, set up a table where teachers can get fun coffee creations that are sure to beat the coffee in the teacher’s lounge.

  • New Supplies Day: Collect classroom supplies, teaching supplies, stationery, tissues and other things teachers use in the classroom. Invite teachers to come to pick a few things to refresh their classroom.

  • Relaxation Day: Turn the teacher’s lounge into a relaxing oasis with calm music, cucumber water and spa kits with lotion and face masks to take home. Get a massage therapist to give mini-massages for a special treat.

  • Flower Day: Bring each teacher fresh-cut flowers or small potted plants. It’s fun to bring this during class so kids can see how nice it is to celebrate their teacher.

  • Ice Cream Day: Set up a sundae-making station with all the fixings and make sure each teacher gets coverage to come to enjoy a sweet treat.