My normal state is upbeat, optimistic and energetic. So if I am feeling out of sorts in any way, I know something is up.

I am fortunate to be blessed with good health and a positive disposition. Unfortunately, over the years, I have also developed some minor health challenges that can rob me of my usual energy, motivation and pleasure when I am not keeping close tabs on my daily attitude.

If you are experiencing consistent low energy, it’s time to visit your doctor, who can run a series of tests to determine if you have a medical condition in need of treatment.

But if you only feel occasionally out of steam or out of sorts, maybe it’s time to pay better attention to your energy tank. Is your tank typically half-full or even running on empty? No matter what the cause of your energy dips, the best way to banish the doldrums and bounce back with vigor is to pay attention to ways to increase your energy each day.

So, the next time you feel wiped out, whether for an hour, a day or even a series of days, see if you can pump your energy back up by trying some of these simple yet helpful mood boosters:

Boost Your Energy on the Go

Here are some items to keep in your purse or car that will keep your energy running high all day, no matter what you have on your to-do list:

  • Small packets of trail mix

  • Non-sugary granola bars

  • A water bottle that fits in your car’s beverage holder

  • A couple of individually wrapped Yerba Maté tea bags

  • Minty gum or breath fresheners

  • Photos in your wallet of your most beloved people

  • Lip-gloss in your favorite color

  • Roll-on perfume to dab on your wrists

  • Divinely scented hand cream

Up the Green Stuff. Try Odwalla Superfood juice. Add spinach or kale to your next smoothie. Put a couple of teaspoons of Vitamineral Green superfood powder into your daily juice. If you are vitamin/mineral-deficient, you will likely notice the difference immediately once you ingest more much-needed meanie-greenies.

Move That Booty. Try aerobic exercise three times a week for 30 minutes, five times a week for 20 minutes or just get out for a daily walk. Put on your workout clothes first thing after you get up to remind yourself to make exercise a daily priority.

Drink It Down. Put your daily allotment of water in a pitcher on the counter and drink the pitcher down as the day goes along. You don’t have to sip your water slowly, and it’s easy to chug down and absorb if you keep it at room temperature. The Mayo Clinic recommends women drink nine cups or 2.2 liters per day.

Snooze Better. Keep the bedroom tidy. Block out any evening or morning window light with heavy drapes. Change your sheets weekly. Replace any bumpy or ragged pillows.

Let Sunshine In. Open up those shades and blinds and give the windows a quick wipe down for an immediate mood-improver. Sunshine boosts your happy hormone, serotonin, and increases white blood cell production, which helps boost your immune system. Ah.

Keep Blood Sugar Steady. Add more protein into your diet so you will stay energized longer. Try easy-to-incorporate sources like yogurt, cottage cheese or eggs.

Buy Some Boing. Bounce back more quickly from everything with a pair of new sneakers and some cushy athletic socks. Put them to ample use by wearing them indoors and out.

Surround Smile. Hang images of smiling people you love everywhere. Put away any photos that bring you down. What other images or words bring you joy? Get them out and up.

Share the Bouquet Bounty. Purchase a large bunch of flowers and then break the blooms up into smaller vases around the house. Combine a few flowers with twigs and blooms in season by the front door.

Brighten Up. Dispel shadowy corners by changing all the burned-out bulbs in the house. Then restock your backup supply so that you will be ready for next time.

Wash Away the Dust. Launder the curtains, the blankets and the pet beds. This keeps the air cleaner and keeps seasonal allergies at bay, as well.

Chew Longer. Put a bowl of fresh fruit next to the couch near the TV. Continually rotate a variety of crudités in the fridge. When you need to crunch, choose healthy junk food like popcorn or baked chips.

Spritz Things Up. Place some lemon or orange air fresheners around the house, especially in the kitchen, bathrooms and pet rooms.

Bring on the Berries. Keep a variety of energizing berries in the house year-round, if you can. Add their intense color to at least two meals a day.

Freshen Up. Add a mint or eucalyptus body and foot scrub to your shower gel collection. Either one will wake you right up.

Still Tired? Try an easy-to-absorb iron supplement daily for one week. Take it with a citrusy beverage. Notice an improvement? You just might need more iron on an ongoing or cyclical basis. Ask your doctor about a blood test to find out where you stand.