Hey Parents!

Ever wondered how the magical world of music could shape your teenager into a leader? Well, grab a cup of coffee, take a seat and let’s chat about how being a leader in a music group might just be the secret sauce to developing leadership skills that will serve your young adult well beyond the school choir, orchestra or band.

H – Honesty

Being a member of a music group and learning to lead is like being the conductor of a small team. Just as honesty is crucial in the melody of life, your teen learns the importance of transparent communication. Whether discussing a tricky musical passage or coordinating with other sections, they understand the value of honesty – a skill that goes a long way in building trust.

I – Integrity

Much like a musical piece requires a consistent rhythm, being a musician teaches your teen the importance of integrity. They learn that reliability and staying true to their principles are the keys to success. Showing up for rehearsal and performances on time and preparing results in a successful, harmonious environment.

D – Dignity

In the symphony of life, dignity is the melody that ensures every instrument is heard and appreciated. As a section leader, your teen understands the importance of treating each musician with respect. This creates a positive atmosphere in the music group and prepares them to value diversity and unique contributions in any future team they lead.

E – Ethics

Music, like leadership, has its own set of ethics. By leading a section, your teen becomes familiar with making decisions that align with ethical standards. They understand that playing by the rules and making morally sound choices contribute to the overall success of the musical performance – a lesson that translates seamlessly to the real world.

S – Sensitivity

The beauty of music lies in its ability to evoke emotions. Being a section leader requires your teen to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of their fellow musicians. This empathy doesn’t just make for a great musical performance; it lays the groundwork for compassionate leadership outside the school walls.

So, next time you see your teen waving their conductor’s baton or immersed in their musical notes, remember that they are not just playing tunes but learning life skills. The leadership journey they embark on as section leaders in their music group sets the stage for success, teaching them the value of Honesty, Integrity, Dignity, Ethics and Sensitivity – the HIDES that will shape them into leaders of tomorrow. Cheers to the music, the leadership lessons and the amazing young adults in the making!

The HIDES concept for leadership was introduced and developed by Dr Tim Lautzenheiser from a series of leadership books by GIA Publications.