We asked and you responded! Parent readers share their favorite sayings from their mothers + the winner of a 2-night stay at Hammock Beach Resort & Spa!

"Tomorrow is another day!” - Melania A.

“Nice girls don't show their belly buttons.” - Nathalie C.

“Play stupid games; win stupid prizes.” - Amanda C

“Love you mostest!” - Morgan E.

“Life is like a rock... it's hard!” - Suzy G.

“My mom was right.” - Nina G.

“What part of NO don't you understand??” - Cheri H.

"Look at what God has done!.....Won't He do it every time!" - Candice H.

“GOD IS GOOD!” - William H.

“This too shall pass.” - Joy J.

“We'll see.” - Trisha L.

“I’m calling Santa!” - Stacy L.

“Stay in line; I just need one more thing.” - Elesha M

Don't stick that up your nose! - Susan M.

“I have eyes in the back of my head, I always know what you're doing!” - Kayla M.

“Good night, sweet dreams, see your smiling face in the morning.” - Kellie O.

“Live in such a way before your children that they would thank God for you!” - Elizabeth P.

“Always live below your means and eat all your greens!” - Christina Q.

“Don’t be a fool, stay in school” - Daniel P.

Congratulations to Trisha L. of Volusia County! She's won a 2-night stay at the beautiful Hammock Beach Resort & Spa.