Compiled from a Survey of Teachers

Many parents are at a loss when confronted with the holidays and wanting to recognize their child’s teacher. How do you give a gift to someone who spends so much time with your child and has such an influence over their life? We asked teachers at all grade levels for their favorite (and not-so-favorite things) to help you out. Here are the results:

  • Something made or written by your child. This was the number one item mentioned. Teachers want a thank you, and if it is from the child, it is even better.

  • Gift cards – can be to anything – food, services, anything consumable.

  • Home-baked items got mixed responses. Teachers said they enjoyed them, but they tended to get more than they could use. Food allergies also presented a problem for some.

  • Items for their classroom. Some teachers really appreciated this, especially with more coming out of their pockets now.

  • No mugs or ornaments. Most teachers have enough.

  • If the teacher talks about his or her passions – a sports team, favorite drink, etc., gifts related to this are welcome.

Most teachers are grateful for whatever is given, but gift cards and something made by your child were overwhelmingly the first choice of all the teachers we spoke to. Choosing one of these options will ensure a happy teacher!